Journalist probes double murder



November 15, 2016
Journalist probes double murder

ON THE CASE: Catch Paula Zahn on at 5.30pm is propvol entertainment.

Sjoe, it seems is the place to be, mense! Skrik wakker eksê, daar’s ‘n paar lekker dinge om te check; so be free, on e.

If you smaak a lekker murder mystery, put on your detective hat and start checking out On The Case With Paula Zahn, 5.30pm on

Veteran journalist Paula Zahn goes out into the field to unravel criminal investigations and talks to all the mense involved, from the cops to the victim’s family to the lawyers. Lekker!

Tonight a larney couple is found dead in their home and the search is on to find out who did it, and why.

At 7pm (on you can tune in to onse favourite Rhythm City waar liegbek Bongi se stories net stertjies kry, Dumisani goes dodgy, and Suffo is angry about the open mic night.

Jinne, how did we miss this little gem? Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Dis mos kwaai stuff, die!

It’s on at 8.30pm on, and started a few weeks ago.

If an elite team of agents (with special powers, of course!) fighting bad guys all over the world, and investigating strange occurrences sounds like your cup of tea, then tune in for some action.

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