José’s United to buy the league

José’s United to buy the league


Don’t be surprised if some kind of Manchester United theme park pops up soon.

So, what are Manchester United fans saying now? Buying the league, are we?

Coach complaining about playing against a team that only defends?

Hahaha, you see, ain’t nothing you can do about what happens, right?

That’s the reality us Chelsea fans have had to face with Roman Abramovich, you know.

It’s your team, you love ‘em, so you’ve got to go with whatever’s happening.

I know deep down all you history-preaching zealots are more than pleased that your dirty-dollar American sugar family has finally decided the new way is the only way.

And in typical Yankee form, have proceeded to smash up the Old Trafford transfer policy, with rumours surfacing over the last few days that the latest window was just the start!

It’s the American way folks… Don’t be surprised if some kind of Manchester United theme park pops up, complete with Zlatan palace, rising out of the massive carparks at the end of Sir Matt Busby Way, up through the outdated s***house commonly known as Old Trafford.

It’s going to be crazy, a giant rollercoaster called the Van Gaal Volcano wrapping around a 150 000 all-corporate box 
stadium. Man, I can’t wait…

Wait for it to all to come tumbling down, because while it’s all looking very rosy right now, there’s every possibility things don’t go exactly the way United supporters believe it will.

Yes, the ludicrous shirt sales have covered transfer fees, but the wage bill is mental and with the reported new targets – including Antoine Griezmann for over £100m — the pressure is on.

Anyway, away from my 
fantasies and into the reality of being a supporter of South African football.

As we we’re on an international break, I’m going to use this opportunity to say, I used to have a lot of respect for Shakes Mashaba, legend, lovely bloke and all that.

But he’s turned into a pathetic character, full of excuses, full of arrogant press conferences, but so lacking in modern-day technical ability.

We can’t even qualify for a continental competition. It’s a disgrace and embarrassing.

Heads should roll at Safa. It’s not dissimilar to England.

I personally couldn’t believe my ears when Sam Allardyce was even considered for the job of rejuvenating English national football.

Yeah, also a decent fella. But he’s like the bloke at the end of the bar who’s been sitting in the same spot for 30 years, never been outside his town.

Back to the Premier League and it’s all go this weekend.

There a couple of big 
fixtures either end of 
Saturday to look forward to.

It’s the Manchester derby at 1.30pm and champions Leicester travel to the revamped Anfield at 6.30pm.

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