Jollers bust at beach



October 20, 2016
Jollers bust at beach

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City deploys cops to keep a close eye on valedictory parties.

Officers cracked down on party-goers as thousands flocked to beaches for valedictory celebrations last week.

On Friday, 16 Law Enforcement officers were deployed to the four Clifton beaches, Camps Bay and Maiden’s Cove between 2.30pm and 10.30pm.

The City’s safety boss, JP Smith, says there were more than 6 000 visitors on the beaches and the officers ensured celebrations continued “safely and legally”.

“Officers issued 12 fines to the value of R12 000 for introducing alcohol on the beach,” he says.

“Two fines in terms of the Streets, Public Places and Prevention of Noise Nuisance By-law to the value of R1 000, and one fine for contravening the Seashore Act to the value of R1 000.

Two hundred and fifty bottles of alcohol, 16 small packets of dagga, and two dagga cigarettes were seized.

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