Jimmy Nevis performs at Wembley

Jimmy Nevis performs at Wembley

Jimmy Nevis at Wembley Roadhouse CREDIT: Noor Slamdien

The '7764' singer gave mense a free concert at the famous Athlone fast food eatery.

Jimmy Nevis got a whopper of a welcome when he showed up to sing outside the Wembley Roadhouse in Athlone on Friday.

And no, the 24-year-old singer isn’t busking in the streets to make money, he was at the popular fast food restaurant to promote the K-Day concert happening in March next year.

There was excitement in the air as Jimmy stepped out of a bus, and mense eagerly waited for him to perform.

The Athlone-born singer did a medley of his hits including his latest song Opposite The Other, but it was when he ended his set with the popular tune 7764, Athlone’s area code, that made the crowd go bos.

Pointing at the famous Wembley Roadhouse sign, Jimmy joked: “I’ve hung out here, eaten here and now I’ve sung here!

“It was really cool and nice that people came out to support because this is my home crowd and it means a lot to me,” he added.

Throughout the afternoon, mense were reminded by KFM radio that Jimmy was going to sing outside Wembley and one fan even made a U-turn when she heard the news.

Zayaan Fortune, 33, from Grassy Park says: “I was on my way home and then we turned around and came here, I am a big fan of his!

“I’m originally from Bridgetown and I just love him, this was the first time I heard him sing live.”

Zayaan won tickets to the concert next year and says she will definitely be there to see Jimmy in action for a second time.

Erin Lottering, 14, and her niece Sara, eight, from Bridgetown also made the most of the free show.

After Jimmy signed their peak caps, Erin said: “It’s cool that he came here to Wembley to sing.“

Everyone wanted a selfie and Jimmy stayed to pose and smile with his hometown fans.

Mujeeb Gangraker from Wembley told the Daily Voice they were asked if the K-Day promoter’s bus could make a stop-over and immediately agreed to host Athlone’s celeb.

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