Jamie Foxx is held up in a hostage ordeal



September 21, 2016
Jamie Foxx is held up in a hostage ordeal

ACTION: Jamie Foxx in 'Held Up' on e.tv at 10.30pm

We hope you had a good night’s sleep yesterday, because if you want to catch a Jamie Foxx fliek tonight, you’ll have to stay up until 10.30pm (e.tv).

In Held Up, sexy vrou Rae (Nia Long) discovers her berk Michael (Foxx) has spent the money they had saved for a house, to buy a kwaai car, a vintage Studebaker.

Mense, she nogals finds this out while they are on holiday. Obviously, the girl is bedonnerd and dumps Michael right there.

But his day is about to go from bad to worse. First he loses the car when a young kid cons him out of the keys, then he’s caught up in a botched robbery at the convenience store.

Now he has to get out of the hostage situation to make it to the airport to try and get back his meisie.

In soapie world, there’s a new shebeen opening in Isidingo (SABC3 at 7pm).

But unlike in the real world hier innie Kaap, this dophuis gets shut down almost as soon as it opens its doors.

Sechaba might have a tough time in his personal life as he tries to reconnect with Lerato, but in his work life it’s all good as Nikiwe offers him a raise.

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