It’s Plain to see

It’s Plain to see

CREATORS: Andrew, left, with producer Robin van der Byl. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Premiere of local film a huge success, now crew wants all of Flats to watch it.

Mitchells Plain: The Movie is coming to a church near you, whether it’s on a pirated DVD or not.

The local film premiered on Saturday but producer Robin van der Byl, 25, wants everyone on the Cape Flats to see it.

It’s an action drama fliek with some funny moments that Robin describes as “a movie with a message.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s about three teenagers from Mitchells Plain battling the social ills and crime in their hood and have to make the right choices for themselves and loved ones.

Robin, from Beacon Valley, says the launch in Belhar on Saturday was a great success and turned out better than he could ever imagine.

Robin tells Daily Voice: “People only had good things to say.

“There was over 400 people there. The invite was that the women wear all white and that the guys wear black and white, and people did that.”

Robin says he was very proud that Mitchells Plain Ward Councillor Eddie Andrews was present and liked the movie.

Andrews says: “Here is a young boy from Mitchells Plain where lots of negative reports have surfaced of shooting and gang violence; and he made a choice to do something different and be a part of the solution.”

Now the cast and crew want as many people as possible to see the home-grown film.

“The venues we went to when we first wanted to show the movie and the owners said no, have now come back to us and want us to show the movie there,” says Robin.

“We are now talking about doing a roadshow and doing screenings in Bishop Lavis, Manenberg and of course, Mitchells Plain.”

“In the future, we hope to take it across the Western Cape and South Africa.”

There were also fears of the movie being pirated, an issue that was discussed between the director and the cast.

Robin previously explained that funding for the movie came out of their own pockets, while the cast volunteered their services.

But he says there might be some advantages to piracy.

“We don’t support piracy but we want to get the message of the movie out there to as many people as possible,” he says.

“[So] we don’t really care too much if people do that.”

He urged mense to follow them on Facebook to get details of the roadshow as well as DVD sales.

The producer says the cast started talking about their next movie, which will also be shot in the Plain.

“Even if there is a someone out there with a script or an idea for a movie, they can contact us and see if we can film it,” he says.

And a lack of money will not stand in the way of their dreams.

“With min finances, we make it happen,” Robin says.

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