Is Lee Downs making a comeback?

Is Lee Downs making a comeback?

IN DEMAND: DJ Lee Downs. CREDIT: Sourced

The former radio show host shared a Facebook post hinting that an offer was on the table.

Lee Downs might drop his apron and kospotte to pick up the radio mic again.

In April 2013, he left KFM radio after being in the industry for over 24 years.

The former dj opened a restaurant and takeaways in Claremont, but Daily Voice heard chirping a few weeks ago that he may soon be back on the airwaves.

Lee confirmed this yesterday when he posted on his Facebook page: “OK, so I may or may not have expressed interest in an offer to come back to radio!

“I’ve been getting offers on the regular. The timing of this one seems to be on point. My business is fairly established and I have great people working with me. So, who knows. If it feels right, we’ll see,” he adds.

It is not clear which station wants him back.

Lee is a well-known voice on the Cape airwaves and worked at Good Hope and Heart FM before moving to KFM and ending his career there.

The radio man-turned-chef was only seven years old when he started out in the radio business.

He won a talent competition and started working on Capital Radio 604 as part of their weekend line-up back in the day.

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