Infant dies in blaze



May 27, 2016
Infant dies in blaze

GRIEF STRICKEN: Mom Antea Anthony.

A four-month-old baby died after her family home was engulfed in flames.

Little Fazlin Anthony was sleeping inside their hokkie while her father, Faizel, ran a quick errand on Wednesday afternoon.

Minutes later he returned to find their house on fire.

The family lives at the Wingfield squatter camp near Robert Sobukwe Drive in Goodwood.

Fazlin’s mother, Antea Anthony, 30, says they suspect a rat bumped over a burning candle.

“I went to the shop to buy a candle and bread and left Fazlin with Faizel,” says the grieving mother.

“After putting her to sleep, Faizel quickly ran to the neighbour.

“He was gone for less that five minutes, when he came back he saw the fire.

“He ran inside to try and save Fazlin but he couldn’t. The flames were too high. He was also engulfed in flames,” she says.

The mom of three adds: “There are big rats here and we think a rat may have run over a candle and that’s possibly what started the fire.”

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut says an inquest docket was opened.

“According to information, a shack caught fire when a candle fell over,” Traut says.

“The father sustained minor burns when he tried to rescue the child.”

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