‘I’m angry, not racist’



May 4, 2016
‘I’m angry, not racist’
Outrage after Matthew Theunissen's racist Facebook rant CREDIT: Sourced

A Cape Town man has made his name gat forever after calling the ANC government a “bunch of k*****s and c***s.”

In a racist rant on Facebook, Noordhoek resident Matthew Theunissen, 26, lashed out at Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula, who recently banned several sporting codes from hosting international events due to a lack of transformation.

Theunissen posted: “So no more sporting events for South Africa… I’ve never been more proud than to say our government are a bunch of K*****S… yes, I said it so go and f**k yourselves you black f***ing c**s.”

A furious Mayor Patricia De Lille slammed Theunissen for his “despicable racial slurs” and reported him to the South African Human Rights Commission yesterday morning.

A few hours later, Theunissen went on Cape Talk radio to say he is “truly sorry for using hurtful language”.

Theunissen, who holds two master’s degrees in environmental management, said: “I was in an extremely‚ extremely bad mood and bad place and I immediately reacted by deleting the post.

“With the current politics in the country I haven’t been able to find employment. But … the main thing that made me say those words… is the fact that we aren’t allowed to hold international sporting events‚ a very big passion of mine.”

He insisted he is not racist, adding: “I have plenty of friends of colour.”

Meanwhile, Mbalula has hit back, saying: “Racists and their remarks, just like in soccer, must be shown a red card. But those who are arrogant and do it blatantly, like Matthew, must be taken on.”

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