I’ll build Anderson’s church



November 29, 2016
I’ll build Anderson’s church

Rev. Oscar Bougardt visited Anderson in the USA

Flats reverend and gay bashing pastor make plans.

Controversial Cape Flats cleric, Oscar Bougardt, has joined forces with “kill the gays” Pastor Steven Anderson on a mission to build a church in Cape Town.

Bougardt of the Calvary Hope Ministries in Strandfontein arrived home from the USA on Friday, after touring with Anderson for two weeks in his home state Arizona.

Yesterday, Bougardt revealed that he will be buying a building in Eerste River to set up the South African branch of Anderson’s Faithful Word Baptist church.

And he says the church will become operational as early as January next year.

In September, Anderson made headlines when he was banned from both South Africa and Botswana due to his hate speech.

Anderson was in Africa on a “soul winning” campaign, but was blocked when gay rights organisations called on Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gibaga, to intervene.

The holy man caused an outcry earlier this year, when following the murder of 49 LGBTI people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, he said that there were “50 less paedophiles in the world”.

Bougardt himself was previously sued for R1 million for preaching against homosexuality.

Yesterday he revealed that his car’s tyres were slashed outside his home a few weeks ago, but that it won’t stop him preaching the gospel.

Bougardt arrived back with a stash of DVDs of Anderson’s sermons, which he will share with other churches.

“I am in the process of buying a building in Eerste River, I will be seeing the owner this week,” he says.

“We will be buying and not renting, so no one can do anything about the plans ahead.

“We will not only be touching on issues about homosexuality but all issues which the Bible speaks of.

“So I want to let the people know here, this is about spreading Christianity and there is no stopping that, we are in a country of freedom of religion.

“I went with Anderson around Arizona where he walked door to door spreading the gospel.”

Bougardt says despite the “hate crimes” allegations against him, he will continue his crusade.

“I have been a victim of homosexual abuse, when my tyres were slashed outside my home,” he says.

“But I have a duty and a responsibility to spread the truth, it is not what I am saying but what the Bible says.”

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