I really love stir fry!



September 28, 2016
I really love stir fry!

FAVOURITE: Quick and easy stir fry is full of goodness

Gooi veggies, pasta and meat into a wok and voila!

Everyone loves a good stir fry. It could be the perfect combination of everything healthy, just like my Oumie made, or the blend of a lekker dikmaak dite, that’s a little healthy but all of the yum that goes with the unhealthy.

So I love food, one cannot be responsible for the lives of a massive family like mine and not know how to combine the good with the bad.

My kids dig their two-minute noodles, and that’s what I use to make stir fry instead of heavy spaghetti or even egg noodles.

Here and there veggies get “set aside”, (that’s apparently the new phrase for ‘we don’t want it’), but all the pasta will be gone, not a bietjie left in that bowl or plate.

My favourite stir fry in the entire world is Hawaiian Stir Fry.

This veggie-mix I buy pre-packed and it contains pineapple. There are four different kinds, but my obsession with pineapple has made this my favourite.

Nou jy kan jou kwaai hou en al jou veggies and pineapple self Julienne.

It’s hard work, but it also gives your stir fry a personal touch, which makes a person nogal feel lekker.

My ouma used to call stir fry Chinese Food. She spent the day cutting, slicing and chopping veggies happily and would say, we need no oil, just the goodness of water with some vegetables and pasta.

I could not get the recipe from her as she has had two strokes en die gedagtes is so bietjie annerste, but I remember the taste and the aroma coming through the kitchen window as we came home from school.

It was my favourite then and I still make it, with variations, at least every two weeks.

It’s simple, easy and delicious. Also you do not need to spend an arm and a leg for this meal.

All it requires is 30 minutes for a nice meal to suit everyone palate.

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