I need the ‘Hand of God’



October 26, 2016
I need the ‘Hand of God’

BELIEF: Martie Wickhman, 72

Woman with amputated foot believes the Supernatural Church can help her.

An elderly woman, who was attacked by the family cat and had a freak accident with a clothing hanger, has reached out to The Supernatural Church for help.

Hennie, 69, and his wife, Martie Wickhman, 72, of Parow read the story of Apostle Shanon Webb in the Daily Voice earlier this month and decided they need her services to help ease Martie’s pain.

Congregants of the Supernatural Church in Maitland claim Webb can heal the sick with just one touch.

One man, Eben Allies, 46, had been waiting for seven years for a hip replacement.

Eben says he was in constant pain and had great difficulty walking on his crutches.

He claimed he could walk on his own after being touched by God, through Webb.

Martie says Hennie’s 17-year-old cat, Katteman, who weighed 10 kilograms, attacked her “out of the blue”, biting her arm and foot.

Hennie choked his cat until he let go, and later had it put down.

A year later, during a load shedding episode, Martie says she accidentally stepped on a metal hanger, injuring the same foot.

The diabetic has since undergone 11 operations to her foot, which after an amputation and skin graft, has still not healed.

Hennie says: “My son showed me the Apostle’s story (in the Daily Voice) and I said this is an answer of prayer. We want to visit the church.”

The Apostle’s assistant Xena Webb said the couple was welcome to visit any time.

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