I moustache you a question

I moustache you a question

Cape Flats comedian Marc Lottering CREDIT: Jack Lestrade

Comic is serious about Movember.

Marc Lottering loves dressing up for a good cause but draws the line at growing extra facial hair. That’s why he is sporting this fake moustache.

November is Movember, when men are encouraged to grow their snorre to raise awareness about male cancer.

The Movember Cancer Awareness Campaign is a big deal for Marc because it is an issue close to home.

The comedian with the trademark afro says his dad had cancer and he urges men to get tested because it’s no laughing matter.

“It’s a horrible thing and if you’re over 40 like me, then you must get tested,” he says.

“Really, it’s that few seconds during the process when you think your whole life can change right now, but it’s something you must do.”

Marc is at the Baxter Theatre rehearsing for his show Hashtag Lottering! which starts next week Tuesday.

He admits that “this phone has just taken over my life”, pointing to his iPhone which was also the inspiration for the new show.

“The show is about how my life really changed when I was added to the family WhatsApp group, it just all went downhill from there,” he laughs.

He admits that his life is different, thanks to social media and smartphones.

“Remember when the first thing you did when you woke up was to go and pee? Now you turn your head and you’re op Twitter en Facebook to see what’s happening in the world. And to see what is Bonang doing,” he jokes.

Marc has toured countrywide with the show but says the last stop is Cape Town because it’s his hometown and the show has to be “polished and perfect”.

“You know, when you’re at the Baxter over the festive season it’s a special time,” he says.

“The mense are relaxed and they’re on holiday, their international family is sitting next to them en jy kan daai braai ruik in die auntie se blouse.”

His show is all about the new age of social media, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Marc says: “My favourite is Instagram, daar post mense alles and you can be lekker bis and see exactly what’s going on in their lives.”

“And social media is a serious business [for comics]. Before you can make the joke, it’s already been on Twitter or someone made a meme about it, so it keeps us on our toes.”

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