‘I had to give birth alone in hospital’



November 25, 2016
‘I had to give birth alone in hospital’

Azra Adams says she had the worst experience at Macassar Community Day centre when she gave birth to and baby Indra. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Mom says she had a horrific labour experience at clinic.

A first-time mother says she would rather be sterilised than have another baby after a horrifying ordeal at a public hospital.

Azra Adams says she was left unattended for hours at the Macassar Community Day Centre and was ordered to clean her own vomit while she was having contractions.

The 21-year-old Blue Downs woman says after cleaning the floor with her own clothes, she had to hop into the labour room where she gave birth to her baby girl on her own.

Indra Adams was born on November 15.

Azra arrived at the hospital 4.45am after she went into labour.

“I went to the hospital and I was put into a room where the nurses would check on me every now and then,” she says.

“I was 1cm dilated at this point.

“Another woman was in the room with me but when it was time for her to give birth, the nurses didn’t worry with me much.

“I endured the pain because I didn’t want to scream.”

Azra’s mother Ganeefa Adams, 59, who accompanied her daughter, says she was told she could go home.

“Later the afternoon, the nurse checked on me and told me I am 3cm apart now,” says Azra.

“I was left alone and around 1pm I got nauseous because of the pain, and I threw up.

“There was no one around, so I went to security to find a cleaner.

“When I found the cleaner, she told me ‘jy moet jou eie goed skoon maak’ and she pointed in the direction of the mops.

“I didn’t have the energy to go get the mop and a bucket so I just used my own new towel and shirt to clean it.

“A few minutes I could feel the baby was on its way.

“I called for the sister, I even called security but I don’t think they could help me because they are not allowed to leave their posts.

“I went into the corridor and I walked into the labour room.

“I had to hop and squeeze because I could see she [baby] would come out and fall on the floor.

“As I hopped on the bed, I could feel her head then I just as I gave one push.

“The baby and the placenta and everything came out.

“A few seconds later, a nurse walked in and asked me what happened and how I gave birth so quick, when the last time they checked I was 3cm.

“I think that is also why I tore a little.”

Azra says she suffered “the worst pain” when the doctor gave her stitches.

“The doctor gave me an injection but I could still feel everything,” she says.

“Giving birth wasn’t as bad as that was. I don’t want to go through that again.

“I told my mommy I would rather sterilise myself than have another experience like that again.”

Spokesperson for the health department Sithembiso Magubane says they were not aware of Azra’s ordeal.

“The patient did not express any dissatisfaction with the service during the whole pre and post birthing process at the Postnatal Ward,” says Magubane.

He said a follow-up appointment had been arranged with the young mom for a check-up on Wednesday.

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