‘I am a kroes kop and I’m Muslim’

‘I am a kroes kop and I’m Muslim’

PROUD: Comedian Waseef Piekaan, 32

Entertainer wants mense to accept his stage identity.

Entertainer and comedian Waseef Piekaan wants mense to accept him just as he is, kroes hare (ethnic hair) and all.

The 32-year-old from Mitchells Plain has lashed out at people criticising him for not doing more English comedy, and for always joking about his hair.

Last week he posted a long note on his Facebook page, telling his haters to make peace with the fact that most of his audience are Muslim who speak Afrikaans.

The Made In De Doorns actor says: “I was almost going to delete the post on Friday morning because I’m not used to rocking the boat.”

Speaking frankly, he says: “I often get told, Waseef, your comedy is not universal enough, you need to do more English content or you can’t keep speaking about your hair and you can’t keep creating content which is specifically aimed at one clientele.”

But the unapologetic comic tells the Daily Voice that he will never say sorry for attracting a “tietie audience”.

“I don’t have a problem with playing to the Malay audience and the tietie audience, but then there will always be critics who will have something to say,” he says.

En ek is a Muslim bra met kroes hare (I am a Muslim man with ethnic hair), I own that now.”

Waseef says people often try to put him in a box — comedians don’t consider him a comic, while singers often tell him, ‘jy doen dan comedy (you’re a comedian)’.

Religion and hair play a big role in his material, much of which is based on his personal experience, and he sees no problem with it.

“My hair was an issue since I was five years old,” he explains.

“I started feeling insecure and I started cutting my hair off and I had a fader, a one and a half. I’m a Moslem bra who doesn’t have straight hair and I wear that proudly.”

“I’ve had women come up to me after a show and say: “Onder die doekie het ek kroes hare,(I have ethnic hair under my scarf)” and that’s also cool.”

In the Facebook post Waseef writes: “I am simply trying to be ME and with 1.6 billion Muslims in the world I think I’ll eventually get to be universal also, with so many people with similar hair like mine… kroes (ethnic) that is… in the world I also think I’ll be fine.”

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