Huis of hearts



May 13, 2016
Huis of hearts

Yasmeen Solomons cares for abused and neglected kids in Malibu Village. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Couple open their home to 13 kids

This woman has opened up her heart and home to 13 foster children whom she loves as her own.

The frail-care nurse and her pensioner husband care for the kids on their modest income, and are in the process of enlarging their home to make everyone comfortable.

Yasmeen Solomons, 57, and her hubby Abdul Gamiet, 63, whose four grown children are all married and uit die huis uit, say they’ve been blessed with 13 beautiful “grandchildren” who have lightened up their lives in their golden years.

Their modest house in Malibu Village, Blue Downs, is a place of safety for the children, aged three to 13, who all come from abusive or neglected homes.

“They come from varying difficult backgrounds and their circumstances are all very different. The one common thing my children were lacking was a safe place where they are cared for and loved. This is like second nature to me,” Yasmeen says humbly.

While it is clear the children are thriving, Yasmeen admits it is not easy being a working mom with 13 young children, never mind the financial strain that comes with it.

“It is hard. My husband is a pensioner and we are currently in the process of building a home for them. This we do with no assistance and it is amazing to see the joy my children experience when they see what is coming their way.

“Their circumstances and difficulties in life have made even the smallest thing seem like a mountain. A smile and a hug is a treasure to them.”

Yasmeen is a frail-care nurse at an old age home in Mitchells Plain, but is home in the afternoon when her brood comes home from school.

“They are a lively bunch and it’s a logistical nightmare. Bath times, dinnertime, breakfasts, waking them up in the morning and getting them ready and excited for the new day, it’s very trying.

“It is so easy for these children to get swallowed up by their circumstances, but my children are born and bred to live happy lives. That is all any mother can ask for,” says Yasmeen.

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