How to get your song on air

How to get your song on air

It's the perfect opportunities for up and coming artists to break into the music industry.

SABC encourages artists to submit their tunes.

Radio station bosses trying to live up to the SABC’s new 90 percent local music quota need SA artists to submit their tunes for possible airplay.

The Daily Voice put together these pointers to help local musos take their careers to the next level.

Here are some tips to get your song on the radio:

  • Your song must be registered with the SA Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) before you submit it to the radio station. This ensures you will get paid for your music, radio stations won’t pay you directly.
  • Download the SAMRO registration form at
  • Your song must be mastered. The radio station is not going to edit it. Spend the money to have your song recorded and mastered in a studio by a professional.
  • You can email your song to a radio station, call them and ask for the music production department and the contact details.
  • The format should be in 320 kbps mp3 or a .wav file when emailing it.
  • Radio stations do accept hardcopies (CDs) ,mark it for the attention of the music production department.
  • Radio stations have a music committee that listens to the songs and collectively agree on whether it will be playlisted. It will never be one person who decides.
  • You could wait up to two months to hear whether your song will be playlisted or not, many stations give feedback if your song was rejected.
  • Keep in mind the radio station music format e.g.: A pop music station won’t accept a classical music track.
  • Always submit individually. Don’t send one email to several stations, it will appear unprofessional.

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