Hostage situation is getting dangerous



November 3, 2016
Hostage situation is getting dangerous

DRAMA: Matshidiso in crisis in Muvhango at 9pm

Forget  about Friday action night, there’s more than enough of that tonight already in Muvhango (SABC2 at 9pm).

The hostage drama is heating up when another person gets “captured”. And after the police showed up at KK’s yesterday, he is seeing red and ready to take on Matshidiso.

Mense, we all know how awkward dinge kan be after a break-up. Now just imagine how poor Ben must feel when he is roped in to help Esme in her hour of need (High Rollers, SABC3 at 7.30pm).

This guy’s private life is already a mess, and now it’s under even more scrutiny as he pours his heart out to AJ.

We hope you had a peek at Scandal this week, because there are some nice storylines in play ( at 7.30pm).

Lindiwe has been taking desperate measures, but something happens tonight that makes her uncertain of the future. And following the dodgy goods drama, Dintle is starting to realise that it’s every man or rather woman, for herself in this world.

Now without giving it away, there’s a nasty twist coming when a daughter turns to a former foe after rejecting her mother. Yoh!

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