Hope for the class of 2016



November 29, 2016
Hope for the class of 2016

OPTIMISTIC: Matriculants upbeat

Bobby: They're future of the word’s economy.

Most Matriculants are done writing their final exams this week; and now life truly begins.

It’s pretty rough out there for your guys. Some of you may want to study further, but worry about the violent #FeesMustFall protests.

Others will choose to travel, but worry about how welcome you will be overseas, while the rest will want to jump straight into the job market and finally earn some of your own cash.

You may have heard in the news and learning how scarce jobs are.

I overheard some matriculants chatting the other day about what they are planning. It was refreshing to hear how optimistic they are.

It’s exactly that spirit that’s going to get your guys through to the other side.

I have been doing a lot of work with young entrepreneurs carving out their own futures with small businesses and projects. For those not studying straight away, I suggest you give this some thought.

The future of the word’s economy truly is with enterprising young people. Either way guys, good luck for your future.

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