Honger croc chows mense on ETV again



October 19, 2016
Honger  croc chows mense on ETV again

HOU NOU OP: 'Lake Placid 2' on e.tv at 10.35pm

It seems  the October end-of-the-month-Salticrax has struck a bit earlier than usual. Wat gaan aan?

Yoh, talk about bot entertainment options. Sjoe meisie, rather go wash your hair, put on a swirlkous and paint your nails because there’s not much to watch.

Why on God’s green earth do we have sit through the struggle that is Lake Placid 2, again?

Was once or twice not enough? Does e.tv have a death wish?

At 10.35pm on e.tv it’s Lake Placid 2 where another killer croc is making mincemeat pies out of another small rural community.

Shame man, I don’t know who to feel more sorry for – the forever hungry crocodile looking for some tasty dite, the traumatised mense who are too scared to go near the water, or us – who have to watch this stront again?

At least we can find some
solace in our soaps, nuh.

In Skeem Saam, SABC1 at 6.30pm, Mapitsi’s life spirals out of control as she realises that she may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Lelo’s ex sukkel om te cope when her claws come out and she becomes a bietjie of a problem.

And in Rhythm City, e.tv at 7pm, Suffo and Niki have a confrontation, and Bongi confronts Doc about Lerato.

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