‘Hitman’ shot dead



September 28, 2016
‘Hitman’ shot dead

KILLED: Chadwin "Skapie" Samuels, 26

The victim was allegedly 'the hitman of the Hard Livings gang'.

A man suspected of being a hitman of a notorious gang has been shot and killed.

Chadwin “Skapie”’ Samuels, 26, had been hanging out with friends in Syringa Street, Bonteheuwel, just after 8.15am yesterday when gunmen on foot opened fire on him and shot him in the face, chest and arm.

Neighbours of the young man who asked to remain anonymous claim Skapie was “the hitman of the Hard Livings gang”.

Chadwin’s distraught mother, Shannon Samuels, who was brought to the scene, nearly collapsed in shock.

The deceased’s 47-year-old father, who did not want to be identified, says he did not know why his son was killed.

“My son lives with his mother and I was at work when they called to say he had been shot,” he says.

“We don’t know why he was shot and we don’t know if he was part of a gang.

“I only know that my son used to walk around a lot in these streets.”

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says no one has been arrested yet.

“The victim sustained gunshot wounds to his face, chest and left arm died on the scene. Police opened a murder docket.”

*Anyone with information can contact the investigating officer Detective Sergeant Clement Petersen on 083 359 5512 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

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