Hijackers nabbed in 60 minutes



December 1, 2016
Hijackers nabbed in 60 minutes

TRACKED DOWN: Hijacked Tata Indica was found in Delft. CREDIT: Supplied

Tip-off leads to gang of robbers’ capture.

Five hijackers thought they were gone in 60 seconds, but they were arrested an hour after the incident.

The gang was caught in Leiden, Delft, on Sunday night at around 10pm, while busy stripping it.

The white Tata Indica was hijacked on the Stellenbosch Arterial in Belhar, luckily the driver was not hurt.

The driver had stopped at the robots on the corner of Symphony Way when the skelms pounced.

“The man is very traumatised because the five men came up to him and removed him from his car,” says the source.

The hijackers had stopped the hatchback and threatened the owner but released him immediately, taking the car and heading to Delft.

But they were caught within an hour after the community in Leiden tipped off cops and the City of Cape Town’s Stabilisation Unit.

A community member speaking on condition of anonymity tells Daily Voice she saw the hijackers washing out the car, and removing what looked like personal possessions from it.

“They cleaned out everything, and removed the plates,” the person says.

“A person could see they were stripping it to make sure it can’t be identified, but hulle het hulle laat gemaak, want toe stiek die boere met mas uit!”

The police source adds: “They were strippng the car and trying to make it unrecognisable.

“Police and the stabilisation units arrived a short while later catching the five guys while they were happily trying to make the car unrecognisable.

“They were immediately arrested and the car impounded,” says the police source.

An R5 rifle was also found in the car.

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