HHP doesn’t mind klapping kids

HHP doesn’t mind klapping kids

HAD ENOUGH: HHP aka Jabba.

Local rapper is gatvol of disrespectful laaties in the music industry.

HHP, aka Jabba, says he’s had enough of “disrespectful youngsters” in the industry and has threatened to “moer” the next one who tries their luck with him.

In a video which went viral over the weekend, the hip hop star slammed the current generation of onbeskofte rappers, who have no problem dissing older rappers. But he says he won’t hesitate to klap them reg.

“These youngsters are so f***** disrespectful, I don’t care how many endorsement deals you have,” he said on the video.

HHP added that he’s made “a lot of millions” in his career but will never say he’s better than someone whose music he grew up listening to.

“So for a youngster to say f*** these OGs, f*** you, man. I hate these disrespectful youngsters,” he said.

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