Hero dog saves the day



October 11, 2016
Hero dog saves the day

Rapheal Sauls German Shepherd saved him from two armed skelms CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi / Daily Voice

Dog bites the hand of gunman who tried to rob trainer of cash.

This dog disarmed robbers who ambushed his trainer.

Rapheal Sauls, 42, says two skelms tried to rob him after he withdrew money from an ATM in Grassy Park on Sunday morning.

But brave German Shepherd, Carto, was having none of it, and like a scene from the movies, jumped through the window of the car and pounced on the gun-wielding thug, biting him on the arm.

Rapheal, a dog trainer and breeder, says he’s been training two-year old Carto since he was six months old.

On Sunday, the dad of three rushed out to get money at a shopping complex in Lake Road, taking Carto along.

Rapheal, who is the chairperson of the Peninsula German Shepherd Club, says on his way home, he needed to take a pee urgently.

“I left the centre after withdrawing the money and stopped alongside the road to pee,” he says.

“Out of nowhere, one of the guys held a gun to the side of my head. The second one began hitting me with a plank.”

And Rapheal says just like he trained him, Carto “instinctively” responded to the danger and jumped through his window.

“It all happened so fast, the dog ran out of the car and grabbed the man by the arm,” he explains.

“The gun fell to the ground. When the man went for the gun again, Carto bit him by the arm as he was picking it up.”

The robbers fled the scene without the money.

Rapheal says he owes his life to Carto.

“He is a very passive dog. What he did on Sunday was instinct. I didn’t have to call or do anything. There is no doubt he saved me. If he didn’t, I would have been badly hurt.”

Rapheal drove to Grassy Park Police Station with the intention of opening a case.

“I was at the police station but I was in a state of shock and I thought I will go back [to open a case] but I have decided I will not pursue it.”

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