Her last supper



September 20, 2016
Her last supper

TRAGIC: Sadia Brown's body is removed from the Hype Park, Mitchells Plain, residence. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Mom killed in gang crossfire while cooking.

A mom of two who was making a fire to cook food for her family was killed after getting caught in gang crossfire.

Sadia Brown, 36, was visiting friends in Guava Street, Hyde Park, Mitchells Plain, on Sunday night when tragedy struck.

Residents claim skollies were chasing a man and a woman from a rival gang, and shots were fired — one of the bullets hit Sadia in the chest.

Cops couldn’t confirm if the two persons were hurt during the shootout.

Sadia, who was a single mother to a 12-year-old and 18-year-old, and a grandmother to a two-year-old, was standing outside her friend’s home when the Americans and Hustler gangs exchanged fire.

Sadia’s cousin, Aisha Brown, 30, says the mother was carrying out wood when she was struck by a bullet.

“Sadia was every day at this old woman’s house,” Aisha explains.

“She and the woman’s son-in-law were carrying out wood to make a fire for a pot of food.

“The son-in-law heard the gunshots. As he ran he felt the bullet fly over his head.

“The bullet hit Sadia. She still managed to walk into the house where she collapsed.

“That was where the paramedics and police found her.”

Sadia was buried according to Muslim rites yesterday.

Aisha called on the gangs to stop the bloodshed, and police to intervene.

“We’ve had enough because it is always the innocent people who are shot and killed,” she says.

“Sadia was a loving mom and grandmother who helped everyone who needed her.”

Community leader, Juanita Scott, 50, says their pleas have been falling on deaf ears.

“Hyde Park has been in existence for eight years and you do not see the police or law enforcement here,” she says.

“Women cried last night [Sunday] because they said law enforcement agencies are never there for them.

“Here another woman is gone. We had an incident last week where the husband burnt down his house.”

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut says a case of murder is being investigated.

“It is suspected the victim was caught in the crossfire of suspects shooting at each other,” he said, adding that no arrests have been made yet.

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