Help me achieve my American dream



October 17, 2016
Help me achieve my American dream

OPPORTUNITY: Reece April, 14 CREDIT: Noor Slamdien

Soccer kid earns spot in USA tour, but needs funds.

This budding soccer star hopes to be the next big thing to come out of Hanover Park, just like his hero Benni McCarthy.

Just two months after joining Grove Soccer Academy, 14-year-old Reece April managed to score a spot in a team selected to go to the United States of America.

In June 2017, the group is going on a 12-day USA tour where they will have training sessions with US coaches and compete in friendly matches.

His father Wayne April, 43, says this is an “opportunity of a lifetime” for his talented son, but he fears he may miss out if they can’t raise R29 000.

“He is the first person in our family to get an opportunity like this so I am very proud of him,” says Wayne.

“If he is successful then he could get a scholarship. My wife and I work but the only way we can send him is if we eat bread and water every day and walk to work.

“We have thought about fundraising events but we have no money to even plan something.”

The proud dad adds: “I look at my son and I don’t see the next Benni McCarthy, I see someone better. “

Justin Grove, the academy’s director, said in a statement the players were selected based on their “soccer ability, discipline, focus and character”.

“The GSA looks to provide players with opportunities to showcase their talent on a global platform and develop skills outside football,” he says.

Reece, who plays in the midfield and left wing, says he was shocked when he heard about his selection.

“When I came home, the first person I told was my mom. I was chosen out of about 80 boys at the academy, I couldn’t believe it when my coach pulled me aside and told me I was selected,” he says.

Although soccer is his first love, Reece says he wants to study medicine.

“It’s important to have something to fall back on so I would like to become a doctor,” he says.

“I am a Chelsea fan but I would like to play for Bafana Bafana one day,” he adds.

Anyone who would like to assist can contact Wayne April on 078 913 3917.

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