Help for troubled women



November 24, 2016
Help for troubled women

PROJECT: Suzette Little

The Girls Matter Project aims to help young women steer clear of social pitfalls.

Young women from Hanover Park who dropped out of school are being given a second chance.

The Girls Matter pilot project in Hanover Park was born out of the City’s Women in Rental Stock initiative and aims to help young women steer clear of social pitfalls.

The City of Cape Town and the Small Project Foundation have joined forces for The Girls Matter Project which has 10 participants identified through the Women in Rental Stock initiative.

Aged between 15 and 23, the women are taking part in a 12-week programme that aims to help their development.

Mayoral Committee Member for Social Development and Early Childhood Development, Councillor Suzette Little says: “These young women have dropped out of school for various reasons. Our objective is not to judge, but simply to try and ensure that they’re not left vulnerable to anti-social influences.”

Some of the young women have already indicated they would like to study further.

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