Help for learners



May 16, 2016
Help for learners

A collision between a schoolbus and motorbike in Grabouw left one dead and a busload of children traumatised.

Community and teachers rally together to help bus crash victims.

Grabouw residents and teachers have joined forces to help learners who lost valuable school books when their bus burnt out after a horrific collision.

On Thursday, the Daily Voice brought you the story of how learners dodged death when the bus they were travelling in collided with a motorbike on the N2 near Grabouw.

Sadly, the biker died on impact.

The bus burst into flames, and fortunately no children were hurt.

A total of 62 kids, aged between five and 18 years from the De Rust Futura Academy, lost everything in the blaze.

Grade 11 learner Heino Damon, 18, says everything happened so quickly.

Heino recalls: “We saw flames and broke windows so everybody could get out.”

Western Cape Education Department spokesperson Millicent Merton says learners escaped without serious injuries but were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

A school psychologist also provided counselling to the traumatised kids.

Merton praised older learners who helped the younger kids to get out of the bus safely.

“We also want to applaud the bus driver for the cool and collected manner in which he handled the situation, Merton says.

“He [bus driver] even went back into the burning bus to make sure that all learners vacated the bus unharmed.”

While the school helped the kids by providing extra textbooks, notebooks and stationary, local farmers, businesses and teachers jumped in to help with donations.

The school is also helping learners by photocopying and distributing lost school work.

But many learners are still in need of school bags.

Anyone who wishes to assist the learners can call the principal Mr Theunis at 021 844 0448.

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