‘He said he will burn my car and shoot my kids’



November 29, 2016
‘He said he will burn my car and shoot my kids’

SCARED: Nawaal Davids, 40, after her vehicle was set alight. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Family fears for safety after car is torched.

A mother of two is living in fear after her daughter’s ex-boyfriend allegedly threatened and then set alight her car in the early hours of Monday morning.

She now fears he will fulfil his second promise to “shoot all my children”.

Nawaal Davids, 40, of Manenberg says she woke up just before 4am smelling smoke and saw that her car, a Toyota Corolla, was on fire.

Her daughter lives in a Wendy house next to where the car was parked and the front of their home was also burnt.

Nawaal believes her 20-year old daughter’s ex, who is also the father of her two-month-old grandchild, is behind the arson attack because she has banned him from her home.

“I refuse to let him come into our home and see the child,” she says. “We have an interdict against him because of his threats and just last week he told me he is going to burn my car and shoot my children.

“I fear for my kid’s lives, my husband works at sea.”

She adds: “Not everyone in our area is as blessed as I am, so my car is used to drive people wherever they want to be. He needs to get help and get arrested before he hurts one of us.”

On Monday, neighbours stripped the gutted car for parts which they will sell on Nawaal’s behalf.

The City’s Fire and Rescue spokesman Theo Layne confirms the incident.

“No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is currently undetermined,” she says.

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