‘He killed my baby and deserves death’



October 12, 2016
‘He killed my baby and deserves death’

APPEARED: Cameron Wilson on trial for murder. CREDIT: Saafia February

Family faces Lekita Moore's ‘killer’ in court.

This is the man accused of mutilating and murdering teenager Lekita Moore.

The Bishop Lavis Magistrates’ Court was once again packed with supporters, mostly women, who came to lay eyes on the man arrested for killing the 19-year-old from Valhalla Park nearly a month ago.

Meanwhile, Lekita’s older sister Mercia, 20, has hit back at people who have accused her of being involved in her sister’s murder.

Yesterday was Cameron Wilson’s second appearance in court.

He seemed min gespin as angry threats were made from the gallery as he was led into the courtroom, and even smiled.

The matter was postponed to October 20 for a formal bail application.

Lekita disappeared while attending a sports fundraiser at the local Civic Centre on Saturday, September 17.

The young girl had been savaged — her nipples and genitals had been cut off, a bottle was shoved up her vagina and her face was badly slashed.

She had been stabbed several times in her throat and stomach.

Her mutilated body was found on a veldjie the next day.

PROTEST: At Bishop Lavis court

Lekita’s parents Charl and Shireen were at court yesterday, seated in the second row. Shireen was in tears while Charl watched Wilson with a stern expression on his face.

Shireen, wrapped in a purple fleece blanket, says the man who killed her daughter does not deserve a trial.

“He killed my baby and deserves death,” she sobbed.

The matter was postponed as the defence was still waiting for outstanding statements.

Wilson’s attorney, Advocate Jacobs, also indicated he would be handing the case over to colleague Nico van Rensburg “who would be handling the matter”.

Outside court, about 300 community members gathered in support of the Moore family.

A crying Mercia said mense were blaming her for her sister’s death, because her boyfriend and the accused are cousins.

Mense se almal ek was saam in die ding, but she was a part of me, my sister and I want him (Cameron) and all the others who were involved to die. They must be hurt, just like they hurt her and I want to watch all of them die,” Mercia said crying.

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