He ain’t heavy… he’s a Chevy



October 30, 2016
He ain’t heavy… he’s a Chevy

BEAST OF THE BEAUTY: Moosa Fakier's legendary Chev 350 Cu 5.7l engine

American beast at large in Cape.

When Bobby Nitro first laid eyes on this beauty at Wheels of Fury, it brought to mind all the interesting things that a person might get up to in such a spacious and sturdy vehicle.

After all, when it comes to a bakkie like this, it’s about the fun you can get up to in it. Actually, the Chev C10 is called a pickup – an American General Motors Corporation creation – big and brave and bustin’ out at the seams.

Moosa Fakier, the guy who put his time and money into restoring this fire engine red 1972 Chevy, says that “just the sound of the V8 makes this cabbie stand out from the rest”.

Moosa, who you’ve seen in these pages some years back through his involvement with Cape Town Drifters Drift Squad with his Nissan S13, hasn’t moved on, he has branched out.

He says: “Well, I do try to go sideways but now I’ve settled down into the Show * shine scene.”

Bobby’s sure this behemoth of a vehicle will make an indelible impression on the scene.

A good mix of beast and beauty, romance and risk.

Moosa, who earned his stripes years ago popping at the pavilion and has owned cars including a Camino bakkie, BMW 2.8l (worth loads of moola nowadays) but is mainly a Nissan man, says: “You do get quite a few of these C10s in the Cape, but you don’t see left-hand drive long-wheel base ones like mine. That’s another thing that makes it unusual, I think it’s the only one in Cape Town.”

He adds: “In the beginning I imagined that I would build a gymkhana or drift truck, but it’s simply too long to take sideways.

And too beautiful to wreck on the track. So show ‘* shine here we come.”

Moosa, 52, is a self-employed guy in the construction industry and hails from Grassy Park, and his employee Joe Hanson did the build. They bought the dress-up kit from Motown Ralph, sorted a 60mm drop and a respray by Car Paint in Grassy Park.

Under the rather expansive bonnet you’ll find the legendary Chevrolet 350cu small block, which is a 5.7-litre powerplant first manufactured in the mid-50s. Plenty of grunt in these things.

In fact, the well-known 350cu was installed in everything from station wagons to sports cars, in commercial vehicles, and even boats and (in highly modified form) planes. It is the most widely used small-block of all time, the family line being honoured with the accolade, one of the 10 best engines of the 20th century by Ward’s Auto World publication.

The interior was done by a relative, Salie Fakier of Mitchells Plain. The seats are leather and side panels in vinyl. Carpeting has also been replaced. Other than that, the interior is very simple and basic, just the necessities.

Moosa, who says he has a passion for building up cars and seeing the results, now fantasises about driving a Monster truck after going large with the C10.

He says: “I saw this pickup rusting in someone’s backyard and actually swapped a Caddy bakkie that I had spent some cash on for it. The C10 needed a lot of work, now people stop and stare, want to take photos and hire it for

Audio wise you’ll find a very straightforward JVC front loader, two 6×9 Pioneers, and 10-inch Pioneer sub and Star Sound amp.

Just enough to provide the entertainment for those wild midnight cruises this car seems to invite. Or maybe Bobby has been watching one too many bad deep South American movies.

Moosa is not quite done though, and plans to install air suspension and electric windows. That will finish her off nicely.

We’re sure the motoring media is going to go ballistic over this beauty. Just remember you saw it first in Bobby Nitro.

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