Hate mail for dog victim’s father



October 11, 2016
Hate mail for dog victim’s father

BLAMED: Nowell Hendricks

A man who lost his toddler daughter in a pit bull attack has been accused of having blood on his hands.

The father of a little girl who was bitten to death by the family dog says he received hate mail accusing him of having his daughter’s blood on his hands.

The letter to Nowell Hendricks, 36, also states: “Die here het jou swaar gestraf en hy is nog nie klaar met jou en jou sondige lewe nie.”

The grieving dad says he had no idea what the letter contained when he received it on Friday along with his other post.

His one-year-old daughter Faith died more than a month ago after the family’s pit bull Bruno attacked her, unprovoked, in his father’s backyard in Kalkoentjie Street, Mount Pleasant.

In the letter, the dad is accused of being a gangster, a troublemaker and being involved in dog fights.

Jou kind se dood rus op jou skouers. Jy is ’n gemors,” the unsigned letter states.

He suspects the accusations stem from a case where he and three other men faced two charges of attempted murder in connection with a New Year’s Day shooting. The charges were later withdrawn.

But he has an idea who might be behind the letter and plans to take legal steps.

“One (suspect) is a tikkop, another is someone who pretends to be holy and the other is somebody who just wants to be seen as important,” says Nowell.

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