Happy Mother’s Gay: Flats diva becomes a mom



May 4, 2016
Happy Mother’s Gay: Flats diva becomes a mom

Proud parents Salome and her wife Rosie. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Salome 'adopts' her sister's child.

Cape Flats diva Salome Damon-Johansen says becoming a mommy has breathed new life into her singing career.

Salome, 37, and her wife Rosie Damon-Johansen, 47, recently welcomed a three-year old named Reuben into their family.

The couple says the cute little boy came into their lives unexpectedly last year, when he was taken away from his mother, Salome’s sister.

“All I’m gonna say is that my sister is lost…there was drama and one day Reuben wasn’t here and the next day he was,” Salome says.

“This was January last year, net na die festive season. We had no nappies, no klere, niks nie, and he was still breastfeeding.”

Rosie says it was a wake up call for them and it has changed their lives for the better.

“Salome sat on the couch crying and I couldn’t walk to her and say: “Everything is going to be OK,” so I just told her to shut up,” she jokes.

Last week, after a battle with several government departments, Salome and Rosie officially became foster parents to little Reuben.

Rosie says: “Our attitude is that the child is best placed with his mother, so if she gets her act together, he can go back to her, that is the best thing.”

But for now they are looking after their “little man”.

Rosie says: “When we’re here at home he calls her Lowmie, but when he’s not at home and he talks about her then he says ‘my mommy’.”

Reuben came into their lives at a time when Salome was considering giving up on her career, because of all the “dishonesty” in the music industry.

Dit wasn baie swaar ding vir my, ek was moeg van mense wat net lieg en steel,” she says.

“Then he came along and I have a new lease on life because when I’m working, I know that I’m doing it for him. He must go to crèche, we must provide for him,” Salome says.

“I do feel like a mommy. I care for him, dress him and make sure he ate.”

She adds that her health has also improved and her blood sugar level and diabetes is under control.

Rosie jokes: “Salome loves her sleep, she will stay in bed till 2 o’clock in the afternoon. All that has changed now, because I leave in the morning and she has to get Reuben ready for school, dress him and all that.”

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