Halfbike hits the streets



November 1, 2016
Halfbike hits the streets

ROLLIN: New way to exercise

How cool does this bike look?

Yes, that’s a bike, well, it’s actually a Halfbike.

Halfbike is a new type of vehicle that has the core driving mechanism of a classical bicycle and two small wheels at the back.

The creators of Halfbike write that this is the best way to awaken your natural instinct to beweeg, as it combines biking and running.

Three sizes are available to customers, and your height determines the size to buy.

There’s size S – for people between 150 and 165cm tall, Size M – for people between 165 and 183cm tall and Size L – for people between 183 and 193cm tall.

The Halfbike comes in five different colours: black, white, pink, lime and mint.

This bike is both compact and light, as it is 9kg, so you can take it practically everywhere with you.

Since Halfbike is a half of a bike, we wouldn’t blame you if you thought you would get it for half the price of bikes, but that’s not the case.

Halfbike is just under R10 000 at www.halfbikes.com.

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