Halaal uit en wys



March 9, 2016
Halaal uit en wys

A stall using Spur branding and an outdated MJC certificate allegedly sold unhalaal meat at a kiddie event.

Muslims upset over outdated certificate at cycle event stall

Muslim cycling fans are dik upset after a burger stall at a kids’ event displayed an outdated halaal certificate.

And Spur is now taking legal action against the events company that was licensed to sell their food at the Cape Town Junior Cycle Tour on Saturday.

The fast food chain has confirmed that the stall holder, Granite Events, was not mandated to sell halaal food.

Muslim customers at the event at Youngsfield Military Base in Ottery said when they questioned whether the stand was halaal, staff produced a halaal certificate which had a December 2014 expiry date.

The certificate had been issued to N1 Restaurant Meat Suppliers, based in Killarney Gardens, by the Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust.

N1 Restaurant is one of only three companies in Cape Town who supply halaal products to Spur branches.

It is not clear why Granite Events manager Cindy Low used an old certificate.

Low declined to comment to the Daily Voice and referred all queries to Spur.

Yesterday, N1 Restaurant accountant Kevin Munn showed Daily Voice their new certificate, indicating that their halaal status was up to date and valid till 31 December 2016.

Munn also assured the Daily Voice and the public that they supplied meat to Low for Saturday’s event.

Spur Group CEO Pierre van Tonder has also apologised to upset customers: “We take this matter very seriously and are serving the third party [Low] with a legal notice.


“When we have big events and are aware we need to cater a halaal menu.

“We use one of our fully halaal stores like Vangate Mall or Rodeo Spur.”

Naeema Abbas was one of dozens of angry mense who posted on Facebook: “Spur was selling beef burgers at the Junior Cycle Tour, telling people it was halaal.

“Then after around 1pm we were told that in fact it was not halaal burgers, after someone queried and went to check out the boxes the patties came in.

“It was queried with Head Office and confirmed not to be halaal!”

Aqeelah Mukadam Parker asked mense to not boycott all Spurs: “You can’t blame the entire Spur franchise for one manager’s misuse of their position and utter dishonesty.”

The director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, David Bellairs, says they would take up the matter with Spur, which is one of the tour’s sponsors.

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