Gunned down in street



September 28, 2016
Gunned down in street

DISTRAUGHT GRANDMOTHER: Rohfeeqah Brown, 62 CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Woman, 25, was shot in the neck while on her way to the shop.

A young mother is fighting for her life in hospital after she was shot in the neck while walking to a tuck shop with her boyfriend.

Waseema Ismail, 25, had been walking in Bonteheuwel Avenue, Bonteheuwel, on her way to buy milk when gunmen opened fire on her and her berk on Monday night.

Waseema was hit in the neck and rushed to a hospital where she is now fighting for her life.

Her distraught grandmother, Rohfeeqah Brown, 62, says she now has to look after Waseema’s five-year-old son, Asheeq.

Rohfeeqah, who suffers from severe arthritis, which affects her legs, also cares for her daughter, Waseema’s mother, Washiela Wentzel, 41.

Washiela suffered a stroke five years ago and is unable to talk or use her left hand.

Rohfeeqah says the family survives on her pension and a disability grant.

She is angry at Waseema for “putting herself at risk by walking around at night”.

“She was at a friend’s home and the friend sent her to the shop to purchase milk when the gun men opened fire while chasing someone else,” the ouma explains.

“Waseema was shot in the neck and now I have been left to care for her son.’’

The ouma says she’s been 
battling to make ends meet, and is trying to obtain a birth certificate for the little boy.

“Her son has no birth certificate because the mother was negligent but I hope social workers can help us to register him and help my situation at home because I cannot anymore.”

Captain FC van Wyk says no arrests have been made yet.

A case of attempted murder is under investigation.

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