‘Great Pretender’ skelms strike again



October 5, 2016
‘Great Pretender’ skelms strike again

ANGRY: Tricked teens from New Woodlands

Men claiming to know a friend's oupa scam matric boy out of jewellery and phone.

Another Mitchells Plain teen has fallen prey to a gang who apparently targets vulnerable children.

Two weeks after skelms robbed a 14-year-old boy and his little brother of their PlayStation in New Woodlands, an 18-year-old lost his new jewellery and cellphone, worth R2 300, to two smooth criminals who pretended to know his friend’s grandfather.

Toreq Fisher says last Monday, two men, a coloured and a white bald male, in a cream Golf Mk1 pulled up at his friend’s house in Tafelsig, claiming their work truck was stuck around the corner.

The Cedar High School matriculant says his friend Wakeel had taken out the rubbish when the coloured man, who identified himself as Michael Miller, walked in with him before he could lock the security gate.

The white man remained in the car. He described Michael as a dark of complexion, 30-something, who was dressed in a red jacket and black jeans.

Toreq says: “He said he knows Wakeel’s grandpa, Peter, and that he worked with him at a butchery in Maitland.”

In the 14-year-old’s case of last month, the skelms pretended to know his mother.

“Michael” used Toreq’s three-month-old Huawei Y560 smartphone “to send a message to their tracker company”, but left it on the table, asking Wakeel’s grandma, Victoria, to answer when the company called back.

“He then asked us to go and fetch R2 000 cash he left in the truck, but said he needed something of ours because he couldn’t trust us,” Toreq says.

He gave the man his new silver chain and ring. But when they got to the corner, they saw Michael and the bald guy drive past them. He later discovered Michael had stolen his mobile as well. 

The teen hasn’t opened a case with police saying he does not have faith in them.

Meanwhile, granddad Peter Leonard denied knowing the two men.

They managed to take down the Golf’s registration number, CA 58466, as the skelms drove by.

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