Going nuts for donuts



October 14, 2016
Going nuts for donuts

OPEN: Dunkin Donuts at N1 City CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Dunkin’ Donuts launches in SA.

Hundreds of mense yesterday queued to get their first taste of a Dunkin’ Donut.

The American franchise opened their first South African store in Cape Town, and in a scene similar to when Burger King opened in 2013, fans of the soet goed even slept outside the store to be first in line.

Moegammad Isaac, 23, from Ottery camped outside the N1 City shop for 25 hours.

“I saw it online and then I called my friend and said let’s do this,” he says, referring to the competition to be first in line.

“Now I got a year’s supply of free donuts, which is 12 donuts a week and a free cup of coffee every day,” he boasts.

Moegammad’s four buddies got a six-month supply and can choose from 28 different donuts and a range of coffees. The restaurant’s signature donut is one with a hidden chocolate centre.

Celebs were also spotted at the launch, including singer Chad Saaiman and comedian Yaaseen Barnes.

Yaaseen has been promoting the donuts on social media and jokes: “The donuts are sugar-free, and by that I mean the sugar in it is free!”

Grade 10 learner Furqaan Allie, 16, from Thornton bunked school, saying he was keen to compare the American donuts to the local ones.

Dunkin’ Donuts Chief Operating Officer says: “South Africa is the 45th country to join the Dunkin’ family.”

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