Gloria wants a sugar daddy for her daughter

Gloria wants a sugar daddy for her daughter

MONEY CRAZY: Gloria in Scandal at 7.30pm on CREDIT: Sourced

Money makes the world go round – especially if your name’s Gloria. This mama wants a man with all the wonderful qualities she likes in a man – lots and lots of money!

Her daughter Gonte’s baby daddy might have all the love in the world for her, but until he gets the moola to match, her mammie won’t stop with the matchmaking. Target acquired – enter Marcus, according to Mama Gloria, a man worthy of her previous daughter. Tune in for the Mama Gloria madness in Scandal! at 7.30pm on

Hungry? Top Chef: All-Stars, is up at 8pm on SABC3. Sesame Street BFFs and Cookie Monster and Elmo are the guests.

Gadaffi is die moer in after Jack made him out to be a pimp, so Generations – The Legacy is also full of action, at 8pm on SABC1.

For a heavy look at sport, illness and friendship, watch Brian’s Song at 10.30pm on

Most mense are completely done with 7de Laan, and with all the off-screen drama and skinner these days, it’s difficult to take the once golden girl of South African soapies seriously.

This whole Marko and Paula debacle is also a bit of a stretch. But old love is blossoming again, so let’s just roll with it for poor Paula’s sake – plus she really wants that baby she keeps talking about. Watch 7de Laan, SABC2 at 6.30pm.

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