Give a dog a been



May 27, 2016
Give a dog a been

SPECIAL: Five-legged Angel. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Five-legged hondjie dumped by owners.

Meet Angel, the five-legged dog from Manenberg.

The cute little mixed-breed was born five months ago, but her freaked out owners shunned her when they saw her extra paw.

But Thambo Village community worker Desiree Paris took pity on the dog and adopted him a month ago.

Desiree says the previous owners got rid of Angel because they thought her extra poot was “evil and would bring them bad luck”.

Desiree, 48, is now desperate to find help for Angel who finds it difficult to walk with her abnormal leg.

The fifth pootjie grows out of the front left leg, complete with nails and soft padding.

“A person who knows me brought the dog to me,” she explains.

But Desiree saw something special in the hondjie and named her Angel.

Today, Angel plays with her friends Molly the dog and Tammy the cat.

“She is a creation of God,” says Desiree.

“She is my baby and that’s why I named her Angel. She loves to eat bread and she even eats the cat’s food.”

She’s now desperately looking for help to fix Angel’s paw.

“She gets tired and when I first got her, she struggled to walk,” she says.

“I started calling her and made her get used to the extra paw.

“To me it seems like this was part of a twin as it’s deformed but you can see there is a nail.

“I would like if someone can help us to remove this paw.”

Belinda Abraham of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA has offered to assist.

“I already have the vets looking at the images but it will be hard to decide on a treatment without being able to examine and do an x-ray,” she says.

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