Girl, 3, witness to double murder-suicide



October 18, 2016
Girl, 3, witness to double murder-suicide

BRUTALLY KILLED: Mom Christa September, 28

Man hacks lover and kid to death then hangs himself.

A three-year-old girl has been left traumatised after spending the night with the bodies of her mother, six-year-old brother and her mother’s boyfriend.

It’s believed the man, only identified as
Patrick, murdered Christa September, 28, and her son Tino before hanging himself in her small hokkie.

The two victims were brutally stabbed and bludgeoned with a hammer, and it is suspected that Christa may have been raped as well.

Christa’s other daughter Crystal, also three, was found unconscious on a blood-soaked bed, while Arisha appeared unharmed.

Christa’s mother, Cecilia Hector, and aunt Sophia Sykes made the gruesome discovery shortly after 11am yesterday when they went to investigate why Christa wasn’t answering her phone.

“When we got there the door was locked and Arisha told us from inside that her mommy is dead, and she burst out crying.

“So I kicked the door open,” says a shocked Sophia, 60.

Inside they saw Christa’s half naked body lying in the doorway, Patrick, 30, hanging from the ceiling and Tino and Crystal lying on the blood-soaked bed.

The walls and floor of the two-roomed shack in West Side, Villiersdorp, were
covered in blood.

“Crystal’s head was swollen, she had a gash behind her ear and one of her eyes was closed.

“She didn’t respond at all,” says Cecelia.

“Little Tino’s head was hanging over the bed and when I lifted it, I noticed a deep wound on his forehead.”

The ouma adds: “We suspect he might have raped Christa because she was naked from the waist down. Arisha is the only one who wasn’t hurt.”

She adds that cops removed a bloodstained knife and hammer from the scene.

It is suspected that Patrick attacked his girlfriend and her children in a fit of rage after she tried to leave him.

The young mom visited her parents over the weekend and came home on Sunday evening.

Her sister Joyce September, 33, says: “The last thing she said to me was that she wants to dump him because he made her feel like a prisoner and abused her.”

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed that police are investigating charges of murder, attempted murder and an inquest docket.

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