Generation flex



May 31, 2016
Generation flex

YSTER OUPA: Jeremiah Trout, 79, in his Trio-Lavian Bodybuilding Club in his garage in Bishop Lavis. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Bodybuilder oupa is building a family legacy of geboude mense.

Meet the strongest family on the Cape Flats.

This family of third generation bodybuilders has literally gone from strength to strength over four decades.

And 79-year-old Jeremiah Trout can still effortlessly lift his 14-year-old great-granddaughter, weighing about 42kg, onto his shoulder while flexing his muscles.

Jeremiah is the founder of the Trio-Lavian Bodybuilding Club in Bishop Lavis.

The club was established in 1976, and still runs from Jeremaiah’s garage where more than 70 members come to train.

The oupa of 14 grandkids has won dozens of titles since he started bodybuilding 62 years ago.

The very first trophy he won was that of Mr Casanova, and he taught his love of bodybuilding to his children.

Jeremiah says: “All my children were bodybuilders but after they had their own children, some of them stopped and their children joined.

“Now I train my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We are building a family legacy.”

“Other awards I won include the Mr Apollo and I won a lifetime achievement award in 2014 from the National Bodybuilding Union.”

While Jeremiah doesn’t actively participate in competition anymore, he is still keeps fit everyday.

“I don’t compete anymore, I do most of the backstage work and I coach the other member.

“We have three training sessions daily. I just train to keep fit and to stay alive,” he smiles.

The strongman, who has no ailments, credits his physical strength to healthy living.

“My wife and I both eat very healthy foods, but on occasion we also enjoy a slice of cake, we don’t limit ourselves too much,” he says.

The family’s living room is filled with Jeremiah’s and his great-grandchildren’s trophies.

“I had a lot of trophies but I donated most of them to charity or other pageants and organisations for their prize giving,” he says.

Granddaughter Mehrunnisa Trout,17, won the Western Province junior ladies title two years in a row.

She says: “It’s a very interesting sport, I enjoy it because it helps develop the body.”

Jeremiah’s adopted grandson Michael Basson,17, has won more than 20 awards in the three years that he’s been body building.

“My grandfather is our biggest motivator,” he says.

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