‘Gangster’ killed



May 17, 2016
‘Gangster’ killed

GUNNED DOWN: Tauriq Ghazu, 27. CREDIT: Leon Knipe

Tauriq Ghazu, 27, was gunned down in an alleged revenge gang hit.

An alleged gangster has been gunned down in a suspected revenge attack.

Cops say alleged Dollar Kid gangster Tauriq Ghazu, 27, died in a hail of bullets outside his Princess Court home in Hanover Park on Sunday night.

Witnesses say Ghazu was playing soccer with friends moments before the shooting.

It’s alleged about 17 shots were fired of which at least three hit Ghazu’s head.

According to police sources, this was the fourth attempt on Ghazu’s life.

While police could not immediately confirm the motive for the attack, it is alleged the murder was a revenge attack following the murder of a rival gangster at a social gathering.

A police source close to the investigation tells the Daily Voice: “The speculation is that a gangster was stabbed at a nightclub last week.

“He died and we believe this attack may be linked to that incident.

“The investigation is still on going at this stage.

Meanwhile in Manenberg, a suspected Hard Livings gangster was shot and wounded in Irvine Street on Sunday.

Police have made no arrests and have opened a case of murder and attempted murder in the respective shootings.

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