Gang-raped girl in hiding



November 23, 2016
Gang-raped girl in hiding

Grandmother of girl who was allegedly raped by 10 men CREDIT: Ayanda Ndamane / Daily Voice

Teen attacked by 10 men put in safe place after threats.

A 13-year-old meisie who was gang-raped is in a place of safety after getting threats.

Seven men arrested for the attack appeared in court this week.

Police say they are still searching for three other suspects, after the teen said she was forced into a shack at gunpoint and raped by 10 men.

The incident occurred on November 18, in Samora Machel in Philippi near the girl’s home.

The suspects abused the girl overnight and released her the next morning, threatening to kill her if she piemped them.

Speaking to the Daily Voice on Tuesday, her family said the girl was severely traumatised, and “afraid of her own shadow”.

Her aunt says the teen, who may not be named, only opened up about the attack four days later.

“We noticed that she was walking funny the Saturday morning but she said she had a boil on the inside of her legs and we left it at that,” says the 43-year-old woman.

“But she kept acting strange and the Tuesday she finally told me she had been raped by 10 men, that there was 11 of them all in all but only the 10 assaulted her.

“Since then she has not been the same, she is jumpy and people walking up behind her scare her.

“She says she can’t sleep because what happened to her that night keeps playing over and over in her head like a movie.

“What is even scarier to us is the people that keep coming here acting like journalists asking information about this, we do not know who is who and we are getting threats from others.”

The woman says she couldn’t go into detail about the threats as police are investigating.

“We are very happy that she has been taken away, maybe once out of the community where everyone knows what happened to her, she can heal because she is like a crazy person now.”

The Department of Social Development confirmed the teen had been sent to a place of safety.

Spokesperson Sihle Dube discouraged mense from making public statements on her whereabouts.
“This would not be in the best interests of the victim. The Department will not hesitate to act against anybody placing the safety of this young girl at risk.”

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