Gadget Review: Smartest bra to hit market



September 23, 2016
Smart clothing is in fashion this year, it seems. 
There was Google and Levi’s smart jacket and Biometric shirts that measure your heart rate and sleeping rate.  
And now another cool gadget ladies will really like has launched, the OMbra.
OMbra is the sports bra you have been dreaming of – it can track biometric fitness data, but it’s also very comfortable.
It has a stretchable fabric that is made from a blend of polyester, nylon and elastane, and that can conform to the body’s shape while moving. 
The front and back of the bra include mesh panels that are antimicrobial with sweat-wicking properties to keep you dry.
The OMbra includes adjustable straps that can be altered depending on the activity, the top being worn over it. 
And the OMbra sports removable padding to accommodate different cup sizes.
It also includes OMrun, which helps runners track all the data they could ever want. 
You can track distance, pedalling rate, pace, heart rate, and calories, but the OMbra, along with OMrun, goes further by offering a range of unique insights via a smartphone app. 
If you have just over R2000 to spare then get OMbra at
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