G-Force on the job



November 4, 2016
G-Force on the job

OPERATION: G-Force Unit on the beat. CREDIT; Manqoba Ngidi

Pagad splinter group tackles ‘foreign unga dealers’ at Wynberg Taxi Rank.

The he G-Force, a splinter group of the People Against Gangsterism and Drugs, has vowed to “get rid of all the merts” at Wynberg Taxi Rank, and nearby “hot spots” in Mitchum and Station Road.

About 12 G-Force members apprehended foreign nationals who were allegedly found in possession of unga, a heroin-based cocktail often cut with rat poison and baby powder to make it go further.

The G-Force members did not want to be identified.

One member told Daily Voice: “The unga we found on the foreign nationals was confiscated and destroyed. We came out to Wynberg because people were complaining about the drugs being sold freely.

He adds: “The drugs were found packaged in a set of 10 boosters (tiny plastic bags) wrapped in a condom, a booster is sold for R30 on the street. We gave the dealers we found a stern warning. In every side road in the area you can find a dealer ready to sell and this has to stop.”

The chairperson of the Wynberg Taxi Association, who did want to be named for fear of being victimised, says they’ve decided to “join hands with the G-Force as a united front”, to take a stand against drug dealers, who have left their commuters and business owners in the area fearful.

CONFISCATED: Packets of unga CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi

Meanwhile, Kelvin Mkhonto, the rank manager of Green Cabs, also situated at the Wynberg Taxi Rank, says he is glad G-Force came.

“I don’t like this drug smuggling here. They even sell drugs to the gaatjies, like they are selling chips. I’m just happy G-Force came to assist because it means they are helping and improving people’s lives,” Mkhonto said.

The G-Force members says they tried to rope in the help of cops but were given the “runaround”.

“We spoke to four different people when we asked Wynberg SAPS to come on board for this operation but they never got back to us,” he says.

“In Athlone we have a good relationship with SAPS and we would like to do the same in other areas.

“We want neighbourhood watches and community policing forums to come on board, but they won’t without SAPS being on board.”

Police spokesman André Traut says: “I can confirm Wynberg SAPS were monitoring the situation.”

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