From hospital to children’s memorial



November 1, 2016
From hospital to children’s memorial

Antoinette Fransman grieves at service. CREDIT: Solly Lottering

A grieving, badly burnt mother was discharged from hospital to pay tribute to her dead children.

A badly burnt mother, who lost two children in a devastating house fire, left her hospital bed for a few hours to attend their memorial service.

Dressed in her hospital nightgown and wrapped in bandages, Antoinette Fransman, 30, arrived at the service with her face still ravaged by blisters.

Jayden, 1, and her older sibling Jawine Fransman, four, died when their Wendy house in Langverwacht Street, Fisantekraal, burnt down last week.

Their older siblings Lee- Ann, 11, and Ashwin, nine, and parents Antoinette and Jimmy were rushed to hospital after they were all injured in the fire.

Yesterday, a heartbroken Jimmy, 31, held his wife’s badly injured hand as they wept for their children in the heat of their untarred street on Sunday afternoon, during which 25 doves were released.

“These doves are in honour of my two beautiful babies, I know you’re watching from heaven,” said Jimmy.

Tears ran through the blisters on Antoinette’s cheeks, but the mom appeared not to notice the sting. The mother’s head, face and arms were burnt.

Antoinette tells the Daily Voice: “I”ve just come out of hospital for a short while to attend the service. There is a pain inside of me that will never be healed. How does one deal with losing two children at the same time?

“I’m going back to hospital after the memorial service. My face is very sore and I can’t really move my lips, so talking is difficult.”

The mom said her children will be buried on Sunday.

Police are still investigating the blaze.

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