Fresh’s foul bek

Fresh’s foul bek

COMPLAINTS: 5FM Breakfast Show host DJ Fresh

DJ apologises for using inappropriate language on air.

5FM Breakfast Show host DJ Fresh has a vuil bek.

A listener complained to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission about his “vulgar language” on air.

Fresh was slammed for using the words “k**” and “poephol” when he brought up a rape case where the accused cried at the thought of spending the rest of his life behind bars.

On Wednesday, Fresh apologised on air during his Breakfast Show saying that he’s sorry if he offended anyone but the rape case angered him.

“Did I use inappropriate language? I’m sorry if it offended you but I was upset, and I am still upset, that our society has come to that. That it’s OK to abduct and rape people and then cry about going to jail,” Fresh said.

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