Fransman ‘hit list’



September 27, 2016
Fransman ‘hit list’

WOES: Fransman's assistant was fired by ANC

Marius' former constituency office assistant claims ANC is targeting his supporters.

Marius Fransman’s troubles seem to be spilling over to the mense closest to him.

His former constituency office assistant, Vanessa le Roux, says she will be approaching the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration after she was fired by the ANC.

Le Roux insists her dismissal was politically motivated citing a so-called “hit list” targeting Fransman’s supporters, which the ANC has denied as false.

Le Roux was sacked on Wednesday, just days after Fransman resigned as a Member of the Provincial Legislature, amid investigations into mismanagement involving billions of rands.

The embattled ANC Provincial Chairperson was asked to step aside after allegations of sexual harassment during a trip to Rustenburg earlier this year for the ruling party’s 104th birthday celebrations.

The day after clearing her desk, Le Roux took to Facebook to say she was “a victim of a political ploy” for sticking up for Fransman on social media.

“I will definitely take this matter to the CCMA,” she said.

“There were numerous attempts since March to get rid of me.

“In August I appeared before the political committee to account for what I did, which was expressing my views on Facebook. They wanted me to stop saying things that would bring down the party and when I didn’t, they found a way.”

But ANC Speaker in the provincial parliament, Pierre Uys, says Le Roux’s termination was directly linked to Fransman’s resignation.

“Her employment was linked to his position as an MPL, his name was even in her contract,” he explains.

“The day he resigned is the day her contract ended, he knew it and she was aware of this because she read and signed it. To say that there is victimisation or politicking is simply not true.”

Fransman did not respond to Daily Voice queries by last night.

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