Forty down and out



November 15, 2016
Forty down and out

BLAZE: Lavender Hill block of flats. CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi

Flats, Wendy houses and cars lost to a candle-lit fire.

Forty people have been left homeless after a candle fell over, setting bedding alight.

On Saturday just after 2am, eight households in Chapel Court, Lavender Hill, woke up to towering flames.

Six flats, two Wendy houses and three cars burnt after a candle fell down inside a hokkie.

Liezle Moodie of Fire and Rescue services yesterday confirmed the cause of the fire.

“Two flats on the ground floor, two flats on the first floor and two flats on the second floor as well as two wood and iron structures and three motor vehicles were damaged by the fire,” she says.

“The suspected cause of fire was a lighted candle overturning and igniting bedding. The fire left 40 persons displaced.”

Resident, Grant Beukman, 33, says he was alerted up by a stranger: “I was sleeping when someone walked past my window and began shouting there was a fire.

“I saw the bungalow was burning and then it spread across to the other flats.”

Shirely Louw, 35, who lives next door, saw the flames: “I could smell tyres burning and when I looked through the bathroom window, I saw the bungalow was burning.

“We tried to save as much as we could but all lost everything in the fire.”

Anyone who can assist may call Gabriella on 078 116 3869.

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